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Equestrian Champions League’s Success In Jakarta Contributed To Indonesia’s Successful Bid In Hosting The Next World Equestrian Championship 2021

There are more world prestigious sporting events that have entrusted Indonesia to host it. This time Indonesia is trusted by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) to hold a world equestrian championship, the FEI Jumping World Challenge (JWC) Final in 2021.

The election in which Indonesia won the bid to host the Final FEI Jumping World Challenge 2021 was presented at the General Assembly or FEI Member National Conference which was attended by around 102 countries on November 23, 2020.

Indonesia's success in bidding to host the FEI Jumping World Challenge (JWC) 2021 final cannot be separated from various equestrian events held in Indonesia such as the Equestrian Champions League (ECL).

Equestrian Champions League (https://eclindonesia.com/) is a competitive league series focused on three Equestrian disciplines, established in two of Indonesia’s leading equestrian centers, complemented with equine learning, eating and drinking festivals, horse and rider welfare.

Responding to the news, General Chairman of KONI, Lt. Gen. TNI (Ret.) Marciano Norman was proud of FEI's trust in appointing Indonesia as the host. "Congratulations and success to PP. Pordasi on the selection of Indonesia to host the FEI Jumping World Challenge 2021 Final", he said. Marciano also congratulated him and hoped that the event would be a success.