League 2021

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A Competition among Horse Clubs in Indonesia.

KOMPAS.com – Indonesia is holding a sports league focusing on the aptitude of equestrian sports named the Equestrian Champions League (ECL).

The inauguration event of ECL was held in the Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas (JIEPP) on Saturday (14/12/2019) that was attended by the Minister of Youth Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali, The Head of KONI Marciano Norman, and the Head of PP Pordasi Eddy Saddak.

The ECL Event will be a combination of competitive equestrian sports, horse riding education, and family entertainment activities.

The founders of ECL are three equestrian sports enthusiasts Triwatty Marciano, Adinda Yuanita, and Nadia Marciano.

This equestrian horse riding competition in being held in two venues that follow international standards.

The two venues that are going to be used for ECL are the Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas (JIEPP) and Adria Pratama Mulya (APM) Equestrian Center, Tangerang.

“ECL is the first league that has the means of raising equestrian sports, because this type of sports requires a lot of practice and dedication in order to acomplish great feats.” Says Adinda Yuanita as the Co-Founder of ECL, Saturday (14/12/2019).

“There had not been any continuous competitions in the past, and with the presence of ECL it will create a competitive environment and of course an environment to perform,” she stated.

ECL is an equestrian league between horse riding clubs in Indonesia. The participants of the competition will come from all ages.

The purpose of ECL is to grow and to protect the equestrian horseback riding sports industry by building a pathway for continuous athletic careers.

ECL is also building a database system for National equestrian athlete ranking that participate in this league.